Friday, July 27, 2007

A Couple of Things

I've got a lot going on lately, and no set schedule. It's the first time since maybe my freshman year of college that I've had two weeks off work in a row. Even during college I worked through Christmas breaks and summer breaks. I'm not sure how to be certain that I get everything done that I need to do before I get completely overwhelmed with my new teaching job.

Here's what's been on my mind this week (besides my quickly-growing TO DO list):

  1. My last day of work was a week ago. I don't officially start with the school until new teacher orientation on August 6. This means that I haven't had a regular schedule in a week, and my bloodsugars are CRAZY! It shouldn't be like this - I use an insulin pump not injections so I should be able to have any kind of schedule I want. But I've been eating at different times (and having birthday cake - my husband's birthday was this week) and exercising at different times. It's not like I've been just laying around the house either. We've been painting rooms and painting furniture. Uuugghhh.
  2. I also have next week off between jobs, but I'll be busy with all kinds of appointments - my family Dr (because trying to get my endo to write a prescription for anything not directly related to diabetes is like pulling teeth), my check-up at the dentist, my annual eye exam, donating blood at the Red Cross, and my first appointment for a study I'm participating in. I get to drag my husband along for his own appointments at the dentist and the eye doctor.
  3. After I called my insurance company TWICE to ask if they'd cover the CGMS with my new insulin pump, and they told me yes both times (though I did have my doubts each time that they even knew what I was talking about), it was DENIED :-( I received the letter telling me how I can get the decision reviewed, but I'm not sure my endo will help me.
  4. I don't like my endo, but there's nothing I can do about it. The office is too busy. They have too many patients to actually worry about me and my concerns. It takes 4 weeks to get the results of my labwork each time I go in. This is the only office full of them (I think there are 4 at this office) for HOURS in almost any direction. So my only other option is to drive 3.5 hours to the closest University Hospital.
  5. I'm going to participate in a study for Type 1 diabetics. I'll be required to check my bloodsugar at least 4 times a day (I already test more than that), I'll be using a hand-held computer to record symptoms of low bloodsugar (cool - a new toy!), and they give me a new meter and supply me with test strips for a year. The only catch is that I have to go in for 9 appointments over the next year so they can download all my info from the meter and hand-held computer and draw blood to test my A1c.

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Bernard said...

Do let us know how the study works out. That device sounds interesting.

Sorry to hear about the CGMS. Do make sure to appeal. Have a look at the published papers on the Dexcom website (I know you're going for a Minimed) that show how well CGM systems work for controlling diabetes.

Good luck on the appeal.