Monday, July 2, 2007

11.5 Wonderful Miles... and new shoes too!

I ran 11.5 wonderful miles on Saturday morning. I'd planned to run 10 miles, but the route we took ended up being 11.5. It felt great to get out and run that far! And it felt even better to not have any bloodsugar issues at all! I was completely out of gels and Clif Bloks, so I had to carry glucose tabs instead, in case my bloodsugar got too low. Since I really don't care for the tabs in the first place, and I know the chalkiness is even harder to choke down when I'm running, I decided to take Gatorade in my water bottles in the hopes of avoiding low bloodsugar altogether. Instead of mixing 50% Gatorade and 50% water, I used 2/3 Gatorade and only 1/3 water. I also remembered to set my temp basal rate down to 50%, starting an hour before my run. Apparently this is a great combination for me, because my bloodsugar did not get low at all during my run. I started my day at 65 when I got up at 5 AM. It was a little high, at 212, just before I started the run. After I finished, I was surprised to see a reading of 110 after all that Gatorade. I'll have to remember this and try it again next week!

I went to Fleet Feet's annual tent sale after my long run to see if I could get some new shoes at a great price. I was a little worried that they would be too crowded to discuss my sizing/ sore toenail issues, but that was not the case. There was definitely a crowd, but they had plenty of staff available to answer everyone's questions. I ended up getting 3 pair of running shoes, all up 1/2 size from what I've been wearing: New Balance 1060, Asics Gel Nimbus, and Nike Air Pegasus. I also bought a new Moving Comfort bra and another pair of Balega "hidden comfort" socks. I must have looked like a crazy person with the grin on my face from getting so much running stuff all at once!

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